Hideously Hilarious: Movie Mutations

Jef Overn’s Movie Mutations reimagine popular films in ways both hideous and hilarious.

Jef Overn has contributed to every Mystery School Comics Group production in countless ways. In addition to numerous design and production tasks, Jef illustrated Little Brother, a story written by Michael Conrad, and both writes and illustrates an ongoing series of single-page horror gags entitled Movie Mutations for the Group’s upcoming collection See Sharp Knives.

Movie Mutations is a series that saw its debut in the pages of the group’s first collection, A Minor Spell. Each Mutation re-imagines an iconic scene from an instantly recognizable film but inflicts terrible deformities on classic characters and resolves scenes with brutal twists that undermine the sentimentality of the original films. Movie fans will enjoy the easter eggs Overn has hidden throughout the series. Dialogue in Movie Mutations comes directly from the films and the deformities often reference nicknames or character traits established in the original film.

Movie Mutations introduce some of the most graphic and disturbing images in the Mystery School Comics collections, but Overn is looking to do more than simply upset the reader. A lifelong fan of horror, Overn’s interest in the macabre includes a fascination with disfigurement, sideshow history, and pseudo-medical spectacle. Overn’s idea of a good time involves shock, disgust, and a good laugh.

When not designing logos or illustrating comics for Mystery School Comics Group Jef Overn co-hosts the horror movie review podcast Forever Midnight with Brian Henderson and Josh Staples. As with his visual work, the podcast is a humorous look at the grotesque. Jef produces horror-themed imagery and merchandise that can be found on the podcast’s website.  Jef also plays with a number of Bay area rock bands. In his spare time he eats candy and continues his slow metamorphosis into Trent Reznor.

Mysteries of the Mystery School Group

Although Mystery School Comics Group loves the grotesque and horrific our primary mission is to defy expectation. Like the zen master who gives the meditating monk a good crack on the head with a stick we hope that our efforts result in delighted realizations rather than headaches.

Summer Grasses appears in See Sharp Knives, available in the summer of 2016. The collection is the second anthology comic by Mystery School Comics Group, the first being A Minor Spell, available for purchase on our website and select locations. A saddle bound, booklet format minicomic; A Minor Spell is a 40 page collection of 10 stories and supplemental artwork.

See Sharp Knives is Mystery School Comics Group’s first standard format, perfect bound publication. The collection includes more than 50 pages and a dozen stories. The book reflects the group’s delight in surprise by containing stories read in standard format, horizontally, and in one manga-style story backwards.

Our comics commitment to you and to ourselves is to continue to provide crazy comics faster, better, and in greater quantity with each collection. To that end, the group hopes to produce their next collection Be Flat Broke in December, 2016.