Henshin Y'all: Baka Destroyer

A token of our love of kaiju, spandex, and the Land of the Rising Sun. HENSHIN Y’ALL!


I put on some Power Rangers before bed and my wife snidely said “so you’re doing this now, huh?” Dumbstruck, I was caught off guard by how seemingly offensive my dip into 90’s children's TV was, so I chuckled and said “I just want something dumb on to fall asleep to…” Hours later, burning the midnight oil my mind raced. I had missed all of this, being just a hair too old for it when it hit the airwaves in the States. As with so many fun things I passed up in effort to seem mature, I found myself in love with the costumes and creatures. I was able to forgive the corny stuff quickly and found myself dreaming up my own scenarios. There it was, inspiration, a seed had been planted.

So, I ran to my brother, Winston Conrad, telling him I needed to get this tokusatsu/sentai monkey off of my back before it ruins my marriage. Luckily Win gets it and agreed to handle the art. In effort to truly “go there” we not only agreed to create the story in manga format (ahhhh everything is backwards!) but I also reached out to an old friend in Japan to provide some cultural cross checking and kanji. Winston found himself on a mission requiring that he spend hours watching Ultraman and Godzilla flicks… OK, maybe he didn’t have to do that, but he did… because comics.

Ultimately we ended up with something really special, and a completely new experience for people who have read our previous work. It felt really good to step away from some of the pretty dire material we have collaborated on previously and channel something purely fun. I speak often about how hard creating comics can be and while this one was no cakewalk, the story is bubblegum. I don’t wanna spoil the good time that comes with the story, but something tells me that we may have inadvertently created the most realistic portrayal of a superhero the world has ever seen.

We are pleased to present this as a token of our love of kaiju, spandex, and the Land of the Rising Sun. HENSHIN Y’ALL!


Baka Destroyer appears in See Sharp Knives, available in the summer of 2016. The collection is the second anthology comic by Mystery School Comics Group, the first being A Minor Spell, available for purchase on our website and select locations. A saddle bound, booklet format minicomic; A Minor Spell is a 40 page collection of 10 stories and supplemental artwork.

See Sharp Knives is Mystery School Comics Group’s first standard format, perfect bound publication. The collection includes more than 50 pages and a dozen stories. The book reflects the group’s delight in surprise by containing stories read in standard format, horizontally, and in one manga-style story backwards.

Our comics commitment to you and to ourselves is to continue to provide crazy comics faster, better, and in greater quantity with each collection. To that end, the group hopes to produce their next collection Be Flat Broke in December, 2016.