Wolf Moon Giveaway

Mystery School Comics Group will be running giveaways every full moon this year. Brother Winston wasn't able to put this together on the Wolf Moon because the storm gods were angrily thrashing the Red Lodge, likely a punishment for our country's political sins. Still, better late than never.

Our comics are full of regrets. Reply to us on Facebook with your deepest regret before Jan. 20th for a chance to win one of Winston's 'ABRACADABRA' lapel pins.

Your tears are our ambrosia.

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'See Sharp Knives' Available for Purchase

We at the Mystery School are very proud to announce the release of our latest anthology 'See Sharp Knives,' now available for purchase on our website. 'See Sharp Knives' is packed with stories that explore the bizarre, grotesque, and humorous.

'See Sharp Knives' is a perfect-bound professional-quality edition that includes more than 50 pages of stories written and illustrated by Mystery School acolytes including work by new contributors. As with other Mystery School publications, 'See Sharp Knives' is intended for adults and contains material inappropriate for children. Use with caution.

Order your copy for $15 here.

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